Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#JonBenet #Ramsey :John Ramsey “When I found her it was a rush of relief,” he said. “And then of course within moments, I realized that she probably was dead.

John Ramsey has time on his side, it is now 15 years ago and not a lot of people remember the case in great detail ,therefore he can play to the media with his 'suffering' . Below in great detail is how he 'claims' to have found JonBenet , her small body was solid , so yes I guess he would think she was dead !

Her mouth was covered with duct tape. Her wrists were tied and her arms raised above her head. She appeared to be in a state of full rigor mortis. A noose-like garrote made with a thin rope and one of Patsy's paintbrushes was found tightly bound around her badly bruised neck. There were no outer physical indications, but later, during the autopsy the medical examiner discovered an 8 inch long fissure where her skull had been crushed.