Sunday, November 20, 2011

JonBenét Ramsey : Steve Thomes Never Had Justice For His Little Girl

What I witnessed for two years of my life was so fundamentally flawed, it reduced me to tears."

"I cannot continue to sanction by silence what has occurred in this case."

From Steve Thomas' resignation letter
August 6, 1998

Murder Of JonBenét Ramsey

JonBenét Ramsey - Case Revisited (August 7th 2011)

JonBenét Ramsey Would Now Be 21 Years Old

JonBenét Ramsey Ransom Note - Statement Analysis (2001)

An analysis by Mark McClish

Posted July 9, 2001 - part one
Updates - part two
A key piece of evidence in solving this murder is the ransom note. The police as well as the Ramseys believe that whoever wrote the note is probably the killer. If the police can match the handwriting in the ransom note to a suspect's handwriting, the case is solved. The problem has been they have not found a match. Even without a positive match, the ransom note is still the key to solving this crime.

Using Statement Analysis we can examine this ransom note and determine if it is a legitimate ransom note. Was it the intention of the writer to extort money from the Ramseys, or was the note written as a ploy after JonBenet was killed? Determining the veracity of the ransom note is important. If the note is legitimate, then we know we have a kidnapping that went bad. This would exclude the Ramseys as possible suspects. Why would they kidnap their own child and demand money from themselves? If the note is fraudulent, then we know this was a murder made to look like a kidnapping. Anyone could be a possible suspect. Let's examine the ransom note left at the Ramsey's residence. I have added the numbers in the left hand column to make it easier to reference while analyzing it. more