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Back to Burke Ramsey....

The same with the McCann case , sleeping arrangements never clarified. May 2nd the cleaner saw a cot in the McCanns room and a seperate cot in the room the McCanns claim Maddie slept in. Here, with the Ramseys we have two children who are supposed to have slept in their beds AND yet the following morning the parents claim both beds have been made. Who and why would someone be making BURKES bed ?

One thing I feel certain about is that they told him to stay in bed and pretend to be sleeping if anyone came into his room and when they got him up, they scooted him straight out the door and straight past the police WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEAK TO THEM.


Burke Ramsey

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The BDI Theories

  • In some theories, Burke killed JBR accidentally and the parents staged a cover-up to protect him from this truth (see GuruJosh's post #12).
  • Others believe it was a game of "playing doctor" gone awry, again with parental involvement in the cover-up (see Troy Cowan's theory and azwriter's post 21).
  • One theory implies that Burke sexually abused his sister and that BPD facilitated the cover-up by letting Pam Paugh remove incriminating evidence from the crime scene.

Incriminating Evidence Related to Burke Ramsey

Parents Lied

  • BDI theorists argue that the parents lied about numerous things, but since DNA and handwriting evidence exonerates the parents, the only plausible motivation for lying is to cover up for Burke. Evidence of lying includes:
  1. Burke's Voice on 911 Tape. The 911 tape, which BDI theorists are convinced has Burke's voice at the end, proving conclusively that the parents lied about his being in bed asleep at the time the call was made. See detailed discussion of 911 call here.
  2. Basement Window. John Ramsey lied about the open basement window.

Burke Never Cleared

  • Hunter Affidavit Does Not Clear Burke. BDI theorists claim Burke has not been cleared since that term is never used in the Alex Hunter affidavit. The Ramsey's lawyer, Lin Wood, drafted the affidavit signed by Hunter and BDI theorists believe it is significant that he slightly amended the wording first before signing it.
  • Burke Too Young to Be Official "Suspect." BDI theorists argue that due to his age, Burke could never become an official "suspect" and for that reason, neither could he ever be officially "cleared."

Grand Jury Solved Case

  • Instead, BDI theorists argue that the Grand Jury solved the case in 1999 when it determined that Burke (too young to be accused of even manslaughter) accidently killed his sister, perhaps with the involvement of Doug Stine and possibly one older perp (see Was There a Cover-up? on the Interpretation of Evidence page).

Cover-up Conspiracy

  • Internet poster Spade claims there was a widespread conspiracy to cover up the crime from the very day JBR's body was found and that this can best be explained by a BDI theory.
  • Spade has also claimed that he's asked a friend who has worked for an intelligence agency for 30+ years to get the Ramseys missing phone records from December 1996; this friend was unsuccessful and also was warned to "leave this case alone."

9-Year Olds Capable of Sexual Assault

  • While rare, there are recorded instances  of sexual assault by 9-year boys on girls in the 6-year old range.
  • Also, most "sex game gone awry" theories involving Burke assume a "playing doctor" scenario, as opposed to a sexual assault. Burke was well capable of "playing doctor" and allegedly there are accounts of his getting caught at this with JBR.

Exculpatory Evidence Related to Burke Ramsey

Burke Ramsey Cleared

  • Burke Ramsey was cleared by BPD police chief Mark Beckner in 1999 and subsequently by Alex Hunter in an October 12, 2000 affidavit as well as in subsequent interviews with media, such as Larry King Live. This is the strongest evidence that Burke is not a plausible suspect in this case.

Implausibility of a Cover-up

  • Implausibility of Leak-Proof Cover-up. Skeptics of the BDI theory argue there is no credible evidence of the widespread conspiracy/cover-up that would have had to endure without a single leak during the past 7 years in order for the BDI/cover-up theory to be correct.
  • No Action by Child Protective Services. Moreover, had Burke been in any way involved in the crime and LE were aware of this, it would have been highly improbable that Child Services would not have intervened to protect Burke's being a danger to other children or himself.

No Good Evidence of Lying

  • Could 9-Year Old Withstand Interrogation? It defies common sense to believe a 9-year old could have successfully withstood LE interrogations without revealing what actually happened or admitting that another friend was involved.
  • Adult Burke Remembers Little. Internet poster OceanEyes claims in September 2006 to know someone who knows Burke; this individual reported that Burke claims to have known nothing about what happened that night and barely remembers what happened that night or morning. The friend of Burke's felt Burke was telling the truth about this because the friend wasn't questioning him about it; Burke just brought it up out of nowhere.

No Evidence of Psychological Damage

  • "Acting Out" Would be Inevitable. Internet poster heymom  has observed: "children who are in any way involved in crimes or acts like this tend to act it out over and over again as they grow up. They will draw pictures of it, or find other ways to express it, or just plain act it out, as with continued sex abuse of young girls. There are other subtle ways that children will attempt to re-do something horrible that has happened to them or been done to them. It is really hard to just completely chase away this kind of awful, horrible, shocking experience from the mind of a young child. Their minds want to go back to it and fix it somehow. So I would be amazed if Burke had actually done this deed, yet never in any way displayed that need to re-visit what happened. Maybe he did, and was therapized out of it. Maybe he did, and we just didn't know. Maybe he tried, but Daddy and Mommy were too close for comfort. Maybe someday he will crack wide open."
  • No Evidence of Intensive Therapy. No evidence of such symptoms or the intensive treatment needed to address them has been offered by BDI theorists.
  • Burke Appears to be Well-Adjusted in College.
  1. Internet poster Wombat claims: "Burke Ramsey is a socially active sophomore at Purdue University studying to be an engineer and is making good grades. He had a B+ average in high school (around 3.5 IIRC) and was on his high school swim team."
  2. Internet poster Cherokee notes that Burke is living in a regular dorm room--NOT sequestered from the rest of the student body in an apartment or other isolated living situation.

Asperger's Syndrome

  • It has been speculated on forums that Burke has Asperger's syndrome; if so, this might explain his "strange" behavior on the day JBR was found missing and in the aftermath.

Other Cases of False Accusations

  • In the Azaria Chamberlain case, "another rumour which gained considerable currency in Australia at the time was that the real culprit was the Chamberlain's son, Aidan, and that his parents were covering up for his guilt." In this case, wrongfully convicted parents were subsequently exonerated by the courts once unequivocable proof surfaced that their daughter had been kidnapped and killed by dingoes.