Sunday, December 19, 2010

Burke Ramsey still not talking to police...

JonBenet Ramsey's brother Burke: What police contact really means for him

  • October 4th, 2010 9:36 am ET

JonBenet Ramsey's parents John and Patsy Ramsey.
Photo: Patrick Davison/Getty Images
Jon Benet Ramsey's brother Burke contacted by police
Burke Ramsey, the older brother of child beauty queen and murder victim Jon Benet Ramsey is now 23 years old and suddenly garnering attention of Boulder police, according to Fox News.

Burke and Jon Benet Ramsey's parents John and Patsy lived in Atlanta, GA prior to moving their small family to Boulder, Colorado. But now Jon Benet and her deceased mother Patsy, 49--who died in 2006 due to ovarian cancer--are interred in the southern state.

AOL News reported that Burke now lives in Atlanta too, according to his Facebook page.

Burke graduated from Indiana's Purdue University last year. The older brother of JonBenet was aged 19 when his mother Patsy died; Burke was only 9 when his sister JonBenet was brutally murdered in their 7,000-square-foot home.

JonBenet Ramsey's brother has two tragic family deaths behind him, and now lives on his own. Police are interested in talking with the young man again who was exonerated by DNA evidence in May of 1999.

"We continue to work the Ramsey case and have tailored our investigation based on recommendations from our 2009 advisory committee," Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner told the press.

That advisory committee, which consists of 20 or more state and federal agency investigators, became the governing entity for the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation after the Boulder County Prosecutors were relieved of handling the case in 2009.

John Ramsey, Jon Benet and Burke's father, is now a resident of Michigan and was unsuccessful in a 2004 run for political office.

The elder Ramsey was tied romantically to Beth Holloway Twitty in 2007, who is the mother of missing Alabama student Natalee Holloway.

It is unclear if John and Burke are estranged, or if they have each just chosen a city of residence where they feel most comfortable living, despite the fact that they are the only two remaining members of the family--and separated by many miles.

Burke Ramsey's young sister JonBenet was a 6-year-old at the time of her tragic--and still unsolved--death in Dec. 1996. And since Burke was but 9 at the time, his age may now lend itself to further disclosures that can help the police with the case.

Police Chief Beckner said as much when he discussed the continuation of the investigation, alluding that Burke isn't the only person they are contacting.

"This [investigation] has included additional contacts and interviews with those who may have information pertinent to the case."

"I understand that they met with Burke and gave him a card and said, 'If you want to talk to us, here's how you would contact me," Lin Wood, the Ramsey family attorney said, per a Fox News report.

Burke Ramsey has not conceded to make that call or welcome any interviews with police as of yet, however.

Wood attempted to make clear that the police's initiation of contact with Burke in no way incriminated the older brother of JonBenet, but rather, instead, it might aid law enforcement in some new information received somehow.

"Whatever the reason for any type of approach with Burke, it would have nothing to do with the case other than with the reality that John and Burke could help the Boulder police as witnesses in the investigation."

Burke Ramsey's parents underwent years of suspicion and interrogation about the unexplainable death of his sister JonBenet. The entire family was exonerated, however, in 2008 by then-District Attorney Mary Lacy per Wood. So it is highly likely the young man who was but a child at that time is unwilling to reopen the door in any shape, form or fashion.

JonBenet Ramsey's brother Burke Ramsey, however, could potentially provide some small bit of information that aids law enforcement in finally closing the murder case of his sister JonBenet.