Saturday, November 27, 2010

The 'version' of events

JonBenét Patricia Ramsey was born in Atlanta (Marietta), Georgia on August 6, 1990, but her parents moved to Boulder, Colorado nine months later. She participated in several beauty pageants during her short lifetime winning Little Miss Colorado, National Tiny Miss Beauty, Little Miss Christmas, and others. Her mother had been a beauty queen too. Her body was found in the basement on December 26, 1996 at her home by her father. The killer had beat and choked the little girl.

Her parents testified that after going to a party and coming home they put their daughter to bed and it was about 9:30 pm. They were going to Lake Michigan the next day to another home to continue their holiday.
When JonBenét's mother Patsy awoke the next morning she noticed a ransom note while going down the staircase shortly after 5:00 am. The note stated that a small foreign faction was holding JonBenét and they wanted $118,000. The kidnappers said they would kill the child if they didn't get the money. The killer wrote the note on paper from a pad the police retrieved from the Ramsey home. Of course, they sampled the handwriting of the parents and the father's was definitively not it, but they weren't sure about Patsy's.
According to writer, Franklin Foer, writing in his Slate Gist in 1997: the writer of the note had insider knowledge of the Ramseys, for instance the amount of the ransom was exactly the same as a bonus Mr. Ramsey had received in 1995, at the end the note refers to "Victory SBTC." Ramsey had been in the Navy and he was stationed at Subic Bay Training Center in the 60's.

Mr. Ramsey starts getting the cash for the ransom lined up that morning. But the call to collect the money never came through. At about eight in the morning the police get there and get ready to wire tap and record. It isn't until about 1:00 pm that the house is searched for the victim's body. Mr. Ramsey and a friend conduct the search at the instructions of Linda Arndt an officer of the Boulder Police Department. That's when he found his daughter in the basement. After taking the tape off of her mouth, he totes her upstairs and lays her down, making a request for something to cover her up with. Her mother throws herself at JonBenét's limp body and in anguish exclaims "help me Jesus."

When around twenty minutes passes someone overhears Mr. Ramsey making a phone call asking his pilot to ready his plane to fly to Atlanta. They are instructed they can't leave Boulder so the Ramsey make plans to stay with some friends. They leave at 2:00 because their home is a crime scene. The investigation begins and they collect evidence for ten days. The coroner arrives at 8:00 pm and the victim's body is taken away around 8:45 pm. On December 27, 1996 the coroner stated that JonBenét died of asphyxia caused by strangulation and said it was a homicide. An inspection of the victims body was done on December 28, 1996 to find evidence.