Thursday, November 25, 2010

Theories and loose ends

  1. The ransom note has a lot of similarly as the 1931 Lindbergh kidnapping case.
    1. Both were written by a family member.
    2. Both blame a foreign facist gp.
    3. Both have a low ransom amount.
    4. Both crimes were staged.
    5. an innocent man went to his death and this
    could happen again.
    This is my Theory.
    Xmas morning they all get up and run to open gifts left under the tree, but didn’t have time to play with their toys because they had to get ready to visit friends, when they got home that night they had to go to bed because they were flying to Ga. in the morning to visit family, but during the night the little boy couldn’t sleep because he wanted to go down stairs and play with his gifts but was scared, so he woke his sister up to go with him, they both played until the little girl said she was tired and going to bed, he told her he would open a can of pineapples for her if she would stay with him, they start playing again when the boy spots a gun in his fathers gifts that looks like a toy space gun then aims it up and pulls the trigger and he see an arc at the end of the gun, he thinks this must be his and he does it again, now he starts chasing his sister and she runs to the basement stopping on the landing, he shoots her in the lower sjde she screams (this is the scream that a neighbor heard around midnight, the sound travels out the broken basement window, then he shot her again in the neck area, this time the voltage was just too much she fell down the stairs hitting her head on the steps or the floor, the head wound didn’t bleed much because her heart had stopped, the boy ran up stairs to get his parents, when the mother saw her little girl she knew right away she was dead, at one time was a nurse.
    This is when the kidnapping hoax started, they had to show another way of death this is why a garrote was used to take attenion away from the stun gun marks, when it came time to transport her body to another area and leave her in the snow with animals eating her she just couldn’t do it..

  1. Bo Deitle (sp) was just on Fox….He’s not buying any of this !!!!! The only thing I can come up with is that Lacy feared a suit…I really don’t think JR wants to undergo a grilling cross ex. The Ramseys I think tried to keep the homicide det. Steve Thomas ( I think that is his name ) from writing his book, by threatening a libel suit but then dropped that idea….couldn’t you just see Patsy on cross…. I wish Dana would do a program on this case.
  2. All one has to do to know the Ramsey’s did it is read the “ransom note” that Patsy wrote. One line in there said, “John, you need to grow a brain,” which was one of Patsy’s sayings. It’s a joke.
The Boulder police never would believe the evidence in this case. The basement window was open, but had not been messed with in quite some time. The spider webs were undisturbed. They couldn’t, quite, get it out of their heads that this was a single act of violence.

"Mr. Ramsey, will you submit to a lie detector test?"

"I am insulted by that question."

Pat answer for any parent who does not want to take a lie detector test. "I'm insulted that you would dare think I or my wife or my child might have been responsible. How dare you???"