Saturday, November 27, 2010

The safety light was off that night

According to Carnes, the mother of a friend in the neighborhood the victim said while visiting on December 25th that she would get a secret visit from Santa Claus when Christmas was over.(SMF P 124; PSMF P 124.) (Carnes 2003:101) Another neighbor and mother to one of the victim's playmates, Barbara Kostanick, reported that on Christmas Eve JonBenét was at their home and that she made the same statement about Santa Claus. (Schiller 1999:38-39) They still don't know who could have made that statement to JonBenét.

The Schiller and Thomas accounts both say that a neighbor, Scott Gibbons, saw a butler kitchen light on and mused it was usually off; his residence was straight to the north giving him a perfect view. (Schiller 1999:580) (Thomas 2000a:49) Thomas also reports that the neighbor south as the crow flies mentioned the oddity of the safety light not being on that night because it had always been on before. (Thomas 2000a:49). Thomas also wrote that Diane Brumfitt stated to Detective Hartkopp that the safety light was off Christmas night; her house is straight to the south of the Ramsey home.

Two neighbors, Carnes and Stanton reported hearing a scream on December 26 between 12:00 to 2:00 am (Stanton) Carnes
 (wee morning hours). Intriguingly, experiments have shown that a basement vent could have amplified the scream enabling it to be heard outside and yet it wouldn't have enabled it to be heard three flights up in her parent's bedroom. Although Stanton had later said she wasn't sure she heard the scream.