Saturday, November 27, 2010

JonBenet was a bed wetter

A comparison of two of the detectives that worked on the case and their theories proves interesting. Smit when assigned to the case had been a homicide detective for thirty years and had solved the Heather Church case. Thomas' experience had been in narcotics. Thomas believed that Patsy killed her own daughter over wetting the bed. Also that Patsy was upset over her daughter's refusal to wear an outfit to the Christmas party that matched hers. He also cites a tiring holiday season and Christmas Day, plus Patsy was going to turn forty soon as reasons for her to get that angry. He also thinks that the mother cleaned her child up in a rough manner from the bed wetting and that is how the fibers found in her privates got there.
In defense of his theory he states in his book that a doctor they had discussed the case with said issues of toilet training
  are "textbook examples" that cause parents to fly into a rage. He thinks she knocked her daughter's head against the bathtub and then choked her. Thomas said that Patsy would have thought JonBenét was already dead after the inflicted head trauma , as she would have looked deceased. He believes it wasn't premeditated, but that Patsy panicked and then proceeded to set things up to look like an intruder killed her daughter and also to look like a kidnapping.
He also supports his theory with the point of the ransom note being written on paper that came from a notepad in the Ramsey home. Patsy's handwriting wasn't totally cleared from being the handwriting of the note writer, but it wasn't close enough to be acceptable in court. The scale used by handwriting analysts is from one to five and hers was a four