Thursday, November 25, 2010

Burke needs to start talking

Burke is a CRITICAL WITNESS, at the very LEAST. There's too many questions they don't want him asked, or will they ever allow him to answer.

It's HIM that said he saw JonBenet WALKING UP THE STAIRS, in direct contradiction to his  PARENTS, who said she was asleep, and she was followed up the stairs by PATSY.

It's BURKE allegedly heard on the enhanced 911 tape saying 'WHAT DID YOU FIND' only to have his  dad say 'WE'RE NOT TALKING TO YOU.'

It's BURKE'S glass of tea, found with his fingerprints on the glass, found near the pineapple bowl, of which JonBenet had some UNDIGESTED pineapple in her system, which means she consumed the pineapple 30 minutes before her death, and BURKE was at that table at least some of that time.

It's BURKE who hit JonBenet in the face previously with a golf club, and complained to his mother "Am I fat" about all the attention heaped on JonBenet compared to him.

These are just SOME of the questions they DON'T WANT BURKE ANSWERING.